Welcome aboard Jimmy

I haven’t followed his managerial career, so I don’t know what to expect, but I liked him as a player.

He’s said all the right things so far in his short interviews and press conferences, but he does come across as a little bit uptight and tense as a character.

I think he may need to relax a little as time passes, as the serious ones in terms of public personna never seem to do well at QPR. It may seem trivial, but passionate friendly faces have always done better at winning the support of the crowd at Loftus Road, so that’s something JFH may have to work on.

Culturally the Dutch are usually very open and direct too, so it will be interesting to see whether that’s a trait in JFH, and if so, how that will play out here in terms of his relationship with his players and staff.

The rolling contract tells its own story.┬áNeither party expects this to be a long-term relationship. If it goes well, JFH will probably be poached and snapped up by somebody else, whereas if it doesn’t, he’ll end up as just another name on a long list of managerial casualties.

Good luck all the same, and all the best Jimmy.